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Ewing Loan Advisors is focused on assisting community banks in the Southeast with the tactical management of their loan portfolios. Our professionals have experience in loan policy, lending procedures, loan review, credit risk management, problem loan resolution, and loan portfolio rebalancing through loan sales and purchases.

Ewing Loan Advisors has provided loan consulting services to over 25 client banks located in the southeastern US from Florida to Virginia since its inception in 2005.

Ewing Loan Advisors can provide the specific services required to enhance loan performance and achieve desired credit quality goals, more efficiently and effectively than the bank can perform these functions internally.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team of a Community Bank are charged with the primary responsibility for both the creation of enterprise value and the safety and soundness of the Bank. To at least some extent, there is an inherent conflict between these dual responsibilities that has to be effectively balanced in the execution of the Bank’s business plan....(more)

Loan Review Services

Ewing Loan Advisors will provide the bank with a professional and regulatory-compliant Continuous Loan Review program that will be implemented at a cost substantially less than the cost of an internal department, and typically less than the cost of one FTE.....(more)

Due-Diligence Review Services

Our experienced loan professionals can aptly provide due-diligence review for open-market and assisted-transaction bank acquisitions, capital investment, and valuation of loan portfolios for purchase or sale. The scope of the independent review......(more)

Loan Policy and Procedures

Loan policy for the Bank should be a collaborative effort by the Board of Directors and Executive Management, possibly assisted by Ewing Loan Advisors as a third-party consultant. The Loan Policy Manual should be comprehensive, completely covering both policy and procedures.....(more)

Problem Loan Resolution

In most cases, it is neither efficient nor effective for a community bank loan officer or a senior officer of the community bank to resolve a problem loan. Not only is the assigned bank officer typically inexperienced in such matters and to some extent compromised by his existing business and personal relationship with the borrower, he is also badly distracted from his much more productive role.....(more)

Credit Risk/Return Management

On a consulting basis, our loan professionals can provide a review and analysis of the credit risk in the loan portfolio compared with the interest return on the portfolio. The analysis will address loan asset classes, underwriting guidelines and pricing. We will make recommendations for maximizing loan yields, while still meeting the desired risk-return objectives set by the Board of Directors.....(more)

Strategic Planning

On a consulting fee basis, the banking and accounting professionals at Ewing Loan Advisors can provide the Bank with an in-depth analysis and assessment of the financial performance of the bank making detailed recommendations for improvement and providing oversight, assistance and measurement for implementation of adopted improvement programs.....(more)



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