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Loan Review Services

Ewing Loan Advisors will provide the bank with a professional and regulatory-compliant Continuous Loan Review program that will be implemented at a cost substantially less than the cost of an internal department, and typically less than the cost of one FTE.

Continuous Loan Review consists of regular on-site reviews of new and renewed loans, as well as existing loans, recommendations for improvements in loan administration and lending procedures when appropriate, and follow-up on exceptions, deficiencies and adopted recommendations.

Continuous Loan Review will include, but not be limited to, periodic reviews of new and renewed loans; reporting and clearing, if possible, of exceptions to loan policy, procedures, and servicing requirements and deficiencies in loan documentation; and a review of the loan portfolio as to payment performance and periodic servicing requirements, with special attention given to watch list and cited loans. Ewing Loan Advisors will provide loan review reports to Executive Management and the Audit Committee noting loan document deficiencies and policy exceptions, making recommendations for credit grades, specific loan reserves and charge-off, and suggesting enhancements for loan policy, procedures and controls.

A Continuous Loan Review program provides for an early warning system in the management of the loan portfolio and serves to consistently reinforce the bank’s desired credit culture.

A professional and effective loan review function within the bank can help to ensure the maintenance of a quality and profitable loan portfolio, and can save headaches and resources during Regulatory examinations.

Summary of the Benefits of Continuous Loan Review

  • A more current assessment of underwriting and documentation for new, renewed and modified loans
  • More frequent and more consistent reporting on loan quality to Senior Management and the Board of Directors
  • Ability to follow up on the correction of documented deficiencies and exceptions and the implementation of adopted recommendations
  • Working closely with Senior Management, it provides for continuous positive instruction and reinforcement of the desired Credit Culture
  • Provides for a greater assurance that the corporate governance responsibilities of Senior Management and the Board of Directors regarding the loan portfolio are satisfactorily met



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